Thu Apr 24, 2014

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Wed Apr 23, 2014

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8:36pm Was drinking whiskey and finishing up Monument Valley. It all made me strangely anxious.

Tue Apr 22, 2014

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8:36pm Sharon, Ian, Sean, burgers, beer

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9:09am from 750 Words Status


Hello all!


Busy times here, as usual. We’ve had an important houseguest and hosted a lovely spring fling  at our home over the weekend. I have definitely not kept my streak running during this time and, more importantly, I’ve been sadly remiss in posting about heartbleed on our status blog.


The good news is that we had our old friend, Mario, fix and fortify against Heartbleed the very week it happened. We are very thankful for his help, and happy to report that you don’t have to worry about any information leak when it comes to your most private, thought streaming, 750words.


Thank you for your patience in hearing back from us and, as always, happy writing!!


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