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My writing

Some of the better stuff I've written.


  1. Week of the Ant 🐜 (5.20.2019)
  2. Pocket Biases
  3. Well that backfired
  4. $1/month early bird special ⛅️
  5. Oakland schools are struggling
  6. The Green New Deal is a 1-Pager for America
  7. Guidelines for Fruitful Dialogue
  8. History of my name
  9. The Beginning of a Fruitful Dialogue
  10. Can a friendly and diverse dialogue exist between liberals and conservatives on the internet?
  11. Announcing a new friendly and diverse community: Fruitful
  12. 30 fundamentals
  13. Equilibriums and Limits: a better way to look at most every political issue


  1. History of my beliefs (so far)
  2. Parenting the Fortnite Addict
  3. quantum realism
  4. Your Life In Weeks
  5. Everone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too
  6. Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System
  7. optionality
  8. Should we be happy?
  9. 42: Dig deeper


  1. A rational person's 1-minute guide to why rational thinking often fails to persuade people
  2. 41: Seek endarkenment
  3. Cognitive bias cheat sheet, simplified


  1. Cognitive bias cheat sheet
  2. 40: Mind the loops
  3. Software vs. Humans


  1. Systems Thinking For Kids
  2. 39: Make wiggle room
  3. The Element of Irreduclible Rascality


  1. Self-coaching experiment results
  2. Better than meditation
  3. Universe ↔ soloverse
  4. 3-lane product development
  5. 38 is great: cultivate quality time
  6. How I track my life
  7. The concept of a person
  8. Smarter than smart


  1. Make better resolutions
  2. Make your own @horse_ebooks
  3. Managing my internet rage
  4. Live like a hydra
  5. What's your life change score?
  6. The death bed game
  7. Know Thy Umwelt
  8. 37: More kiloslogs
  9. Celebrate your next death day
  10. If I lived 100 times
  11. 1 metric kiloslog
  12. Three cognitive biases walk into a bar...
  13. Too simple, cheap, easy, obvious bias
  14. How to change yourself (v0.1)
  15. Are your habits tiny or huge?
  16. The game of life
  17. Our filters
  18. The long slog
  19. $1 for you (conclusion)
  20. Starter kit for a solar-powered self-replicating 3D printer that can make enough money to buy its own materials, pick them up, and print children when it feels ready.


  1. Rabbit Rabbit Resolution Accountability Squad
  2. "Anything is possible."
  3. Codex Vitae
  4. A/B fit
  5. What I'm tracking now and why
  6. Zoomed out
  7. Behavior change is belief change
  8. Who you are vs who you want to be
  9. Look, look, look
  10. $1 for you
  11. The "I don't want to" habit
  12. Tweet fearlessly
  13. The half-plants diet
  14. A friendly safety reminder
  15. Why 'Just Do It' is bullshit
  16. Everything I (currently) know about starting and keeping habits in one long manifesto
  17. A duck bears no grudges
  18. 36: Talk it out


  1. What I’ve learned taking photos every day at 8:36 p.m.
  2. 35: Love the struggle


  1. 34: Cultivate the core


  1. 33: Frugal to the max
  2. History of my self-tracking


  1. 32: No problem


  1. 31: Double down


  1. 30: Higher highs and lower lows


  1. Man Versus Himself

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