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The conversational nature of life, organic compounds, and physics.

My beliefs

  • Human-influenced climate change is real, and it's appropriate to panic.
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  • Climate change is of particular importance to humans, because it poses an existential risk to our survival, but it's not the only risk and not the greatest risk (see existential threats).
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  • Within this universe, we evolved through natural systems that required no outside intervention.
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  • Micro and macro evolution really happen.
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  • Disrupting the world's ecology (through deforestation, overfishing, monocultures, etc) poses a 5% existential threat to us.
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  • Climate change poses a 1% existential threat to us, partially because of the problem and partially because our solutions to it might backfire.
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  • Nuclear war poses a 3% existential threat to us.
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  • The supervolcano erupting poses an 2% existential threat to us.
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  • Asteroid impact poses a 1% existential threat to us.
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  • A runaway artificial intelligence poses a <1% existential threat to us.
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  • The magnetic poles reversing poses a <1% existential threat to us.
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  • Aliens pose a <0.001% existential threat to us.
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  • If and when humans become extinct, the Earth will barely notice (perhaps just giving a long sigh of relief).
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  • We are part of a larger system that cycles materials through processes that include what we call life, as well as many other things (like tectonic movement, weather systems, the magnetic field, the cycling of water, carbon, and many other molecules and compounds).
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  • Dirt is what living things do in times between being alive.
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