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The mystery.


My beliefs

  • Being good/moral increasingly becomes our default state as we learn more about the world and are more connected with others.
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  • We were not created in the way described in any of the major holy texts, if you take a literal interpretation.
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  • There is no afterlife.
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  • Prayer is useful as a mental maintenance tool, but doesn't tap into any special lines of communication to powerful beings.
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  • Souls don't exist as separate from the physical body.
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  • The gods of organized religion don't exist in the way that they are currently defined.
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  • There is no heaven or hell in the sense that they're currently defined.
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  • Angels, demons, and other spirits exist as antropomorphised agents in our minds that are useful shortcuts for abstract concepts (see tulpas).
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  • Ghosts don't exist outside of our minds (see tulpas).
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  • The supposed law of attraction can't create reality through intention, it just primes our perception of it and makes us more likely to notice opportunities).
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  • Astrology can be fun entertainment, like the Myers Briggs test, but there are no actual external forces powering it.
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  • Astrology can stunt healthier forms of analysis if taken literally and seriously.
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