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Thank you for picking up this book!

I put my heart and soul into the ideas within these pages, and I hope it speaks to you regardless of your political, religious, or other affiliations.

I don’t care if you’re a morning person or a night person, a butter-side-up or butter-side-down person, a rich or poor person, a child or elder. If you agree with the ideas in this book, I encourage you to practice them and lead by example.

Let me know what you thought of it!

All feedback and reviews, positive or negative, are welcome.

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A token of thanks

I’d like to give you a few free reference guides that you can print out and put on your wall, or fridge, or by your desk. Thank you for the time and attention you gave for this book.

Download Guidelines Download Biases Download Template

Bonus materials

If you’d like some bonus materials to go along with your book, just forward your purchase receipt to iboughtwhyareweyelling@gmail.com to receive the following extra goodies:

  1. Disagreement Template w/ Examples. A simple template for having productive disagreements with several real examples from the book and from life.
  2. Disagreement FAQ and AMA. Common questions people have about productive disagreement. You’ll be invited to submit a question about anything in the book that you’d like more information on.
  3. Cognitive Bias Desktop Wallpaper. Get a light and dark mode downloadable wallpaper version of the popular Cognitive Bias Codex.
  4. Companion Reading Guide A series of emails with additional insights that complement the 8 tips given in the book.
  5. A 3-Month Free Trial of 750words.com. 750 Words is a private journal to accompany the topics covered in the book’s first two chapters: watch how anxiety sparks, and talk to your internal voices. Normally $5/month, you’ll get the first 3 months free, which will get you at least to the Albatross badge (30 days of writing) and almost all the way to the Phoenix badge (100 days of writing).
October 5, 2019

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