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8-Bit Oracle

Waiting For The Moon
Waiting For The Sprout
Waiting For The Fruit
Waiting For The Cup
Waiting For The Blade
Waiting For The Storm
Waiting For The
Waiting For The Sun
Brand New Moon
Brand New Sprout
Brand New Fruit
Brand New Cup
Brand New Blade
Brand New Storm
Brand New Breeze
Brand New Sun
Bursting Moon
Bursting Sprout
Bursting Fruit
Bursting Cup
Bursting Blade
Bursting Storm
Bursting Breeze
Bursting Sun
Holding The Moon
Holding The Sprout
Holding The Fruit
Holding The Cup
Holding The Blade
Holding The Storm
Holding The Breeze
Holding The Sun
The Idea Of A Moon
The Idea Of A Sprout
The Idea Of A Fruit
The Idea Of A Cup
The Idea Of A Blade
The Idea Of A Storm
The Idea Of A Breeze
The Idea Of A Sun
Changing With The Moon
Changing With The Sprout
Changing With The Fruit
Changing With The Cup
Changing With The Blade
Changing With The Storm
Changing With The Breeze
Changing With The Sun
Quest For The Moon
Quest For The Sprout
Quest For The Fruit
Quest For The Cup
Quest For The Blade
Quest For The Storm
Quest For The Breeze
Quest For The Sun
Same Old Moon
Same Old Storm
Same Old Fruit
Same Old Cup
Same Old Blade
Same Old Breeze
Same Old Sun
Are the possible paths that you could choose from clear to you right now?
Do your closest relationships and community have your back in this?
Are you aligned with how cultural norms and expectations would want you to address this?
Do your current circumstances provide enough time, space, and resources to address this?
Do you have the skills and know-how required to address this question on your own?
Do you trust your natural instincts to direct you down the right path?
The Universe:
Do you have faith that the universe will help you navigate this question area?
Your Self:
Do you have faith in yourself to figure this out one way or another?