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Belief #1: I believe that unproductive disagreement is currently our greatest existential threat.

Because if we can't even get to the point of talking productively about our existential threats, it's only a matter of time until one of them does us in. We can begin to address this by committing to having more productive disagreements. One thing to try: the next time you find yourself in a frustrating disagreement that's going nowhere, find a real person that you disagree with and ask them: "What do you think is true, what do you think is meaningful, and what you think is useful on this topic?" Listen charitably, then answer for yourself as well. Then, if you're both motivated, you can pick one of those things to dig into further, and has a much greater chance of being productive.

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Belief #2: My purpose in life is as simple as seeking high-quality lengthy conversations with people and nature.

This means I need to first of all know myself, and what I believe, and to regularly review my life. Since I have vast blind spots, I want to always be open to perspectives and evidence that could help me see things more clearly. If you think I'm wrong about something, please tell me. If I can help you see something from a different perspective, reach out. If you know a good joke, I'd like to hear that too.

Belief #3: Everything flows together.

Remember we will die, and so will the universe. Good brings bad, and bad brings good. Appreciate the weeks we get.

A few highlights

Every cognitive bias.
A cheat sheet to help you remember 200+ biases via 3 conundrums.
Private journaling is a better alternative to meditation.
My take on building products people love.
Thoughts on how to get stronger when things are chaotic.
He/she who dies with the most death bed points, wins.
A living and dying record of my beliefs.
A private journaling community and tool for writing every day.
I've done a review of my life every year since 2006.

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