Symbol: Cups

Ace of Cups

Intuition, spirituality, affection, motivation

2 of Cups

Union, attraction, combination, affection

3 of Cups

Celebration, expression, community, friendliness

4 of Cups

Boredom, listlessness, lethargy, stability, ingratitude

5 of Cups

Loss, despair, re-evaluation, regret, uncertainty, repentance

6 of Cups

Charity, sharing, sacrifice, cooperation, fairness

7 of Cups

Imagination, dreams, illusions, goals

8 of Cups

Longing, dissatisfaction, quest, departure, withdrawal

9 of Cups

Satisfaction, sensuality, luxury, pleasure

10 of Cups

Joy, fulfillment, overwhelming emotion, giddiness

The Magician

Capability, empowerment, activity