An effective individual

The 21st century hero.

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Effective individual n:

  • One who, when driving, gets the green lights
  • One who, when joking, throws the punchline
  • One who, when debating, persuades
  • One who, when socializing, makes the connection
  • One who, when working, gets the credit
  • One who, when questioned, finds answers
  • One who, when gambling, profits
  • One who, when in a crowd, is spotted
  • One who, when interviewed, gets the offer
  • One who, when pressured, delivers
  • One who, when in a crowd, is spotted

It’s a bottom’s up classification. It requires no actual goals to be an effective individual, nor does it require that you actually be skilled since there is a lot of chance involved. You can’t argue with results–even when results can’t be mapped back to intentions. This is our 21st century hero.

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