About Me

I’m Buster Benson, temporarily human.


I was born in 1976, the year of the 🐲. Play That Funky Music and Rocky were top of the charts, and Gerald Ford was president. I’m a Gemini, which of course doesn’t mean anything. My mom collected bicentennial quarters to commemorate my birth year, since it was also the 200th birthday of America.

I had a good childhood. My father was a hippie, then an engineer, and wanted to build robots and live in a geodesic dome when he retired, but unfortunately he died from lung cancer when I was in high school. My mom immigrated from Japan in her 20s, is quiet and kind, and now owns a sushi restaurant in the Redlands. My younger sister has two children and lives in the house we grew up in together, in Irvine. I also found out in 2014 that I have a half-brother who’s 7 years older than me and lives in Virginia. He’s very cool.

I’ve lived in Irvine, Berkeley, and Seattle. I grew up in Irvine and surrounding areas, moved to Berkeley for college in 1994, transferred to Seattle in 1995, and stayed up there for a long while before moving back down to Berkeley in 2013.

I’ve changed my name a couple times. My birth name was Erik Keith Benson, and I changed my name to Buster Butterfield McLeod as an experiment for a while, and then changed my middle and last name back when I got married. The full story requires a drink or two, but it’s a good story.

I am a father. I have two sons: Niko (born 2010) and Louie (born 2016), whom I share custody of with their mom. They are the best. I have a cat named Pancake.

I like personality tests.

I have likes and dislikes.

About this website: