The game of life

With 4 levels.

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The Game of Life

A while ago I tweeted:

It keeps re-surfacing in my brain so I thought I’d write about it some more, and release a new level while I’m at it.

If life were a game, the levels might be something like:

Level 1: sugar, fat, salt

Level 2: sex, drugs, rock & roll

Level 3: autonomy, mastery, connection

Level 4: whole-heartedness, acceptance, playfulness

Level 1’s boss is the Lizard Brain, level 2’s boss is Coolness, level 3’s boss is The Self, and level 4’s boss is Meaninglessness. If level 5 exists, I have no idea what it’s like or who the boss is. That’ll have to be added in a later release of this game.

The main point is that this is just what the game of life seems like from the level that I’m currently on, and every level has a version that reflects that level’s own constraints and biases.

What do the levels seem like from your spot in the game?

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