Ooh look, a book

I updated my book website with some new things.

(Click here to see the timeline larger)

Okay, things are starting to get real. Today is the day I begin to share a lot more about this book on productive disagreement I spent the last 3+ years writing with the broader world. You all have been patiently hearing about it the whole time, so I want to both thank you and extend deep apologies for the next month or two.

I just added a few things to this book website:

  • Table of contents: 3 misconceptions and 8 things to try.
  • A sample of the 100 illustrations I drew for this book.
  • 10 hard questions we explore, for example: “How can I avoid being taken advantage of in bad faith conversations?”
  • Nice quotes from seriously amazing authors like Seth Godin, Annie Duke, Adam Grant, and many others. I still can’t believe these super smart people were so generous with their time to give a complete stranger like myself a boost.

Take a look and if you think of others who might enjoy the book, please share it!

How long does it take to write a book?

I made this a while ago but it continues to be super interesting to look at as time slowly continues to pass. It’s a timeline of all the ups and downs I’ve had over the last couple years while writing this book. Each of the boxes is a week, and each of the chunks is a year:

· In these piles: being-a-creator