Symbol: Wands

The Magician

Capability, empowerment, activity

The Chariot

Advancement, victory, triumph, success

Ace of Wands

Desire, inspiration, vision, creation, invention

2 of Wands

Conflict, decision, option, individuality

3 of Wands

Implementation, action, exploration

4 of Wands

Celebration, jubilation, community, teamwork, completion

5 of Wands

Confrontation, disruption, distinction, objection, strife

6 of Wands

Victory, achievement, success, triumph

7 of Wands

Bravery, resolve, determination

8 of Wands

Speed, swiftness, responsiveness, change

9 of Wands

Toughness, persistence, stamina, loyalty, release

10 of Wands

Exhaustion, resistance, burden, oppression

Page of Wands

Enthusiasm, eagerness, confidence, validation, affirmation

Queen of Wands

Attention, attraction, unification, collaboration

King of Wands

Creativity, ingenuity, achievement, direction