Queen of Pentacles

Alt names: Queen of Disks, Mother of Roots
Keywords: Luxury, comfort, resourcefulness, generosity, prosperity
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Range of meanings

Personality: The Queen of Coins can represent anyone who wants to encourage others (Queen) to appreciate the pleasures of the physical world (Coins). The Queen may also represent the tendency to be more materially-minded than spiritually-minded, or the need to pursue personal comfort at almost any cost.

Light: Appreciating fine food, fine wine, beautiful art, beautiful bodies, or any of the better things in life. Reveling in healthy sexuality. Treating yourself. Splurging on the occasional “nice to have” item. Rewarding someone with compensation above and beyond expectations. Having it all.

Shadow: Indulging in gluttony or greediness. Becoming insatiable. Blunting the impact of treats by indulging in them too often. Providing physical comfort without providing for emotional needs. Allowing a feeling of entitlement to distort your gratitude for what you’re given.

Questions to ask

  1. What might happen if you emulated the Queen of Coins' attention to sensual detail?
  2. What might happen if you were to put your own best side forward, thrusting it into the spotlight for all to admire?
  3. Money and health come and go. How can you cultivate a level of comfort that transcends sudden and unexpected changes in your circumstances?
  4. How do you define luxury?
  5. What would you have to give up in order to 'have it all?'


Personal Growth: How often do you cheat yourself by opting for the less expensive, the less suitable, or the less than perfect? There’s great pleasure in sacrificing for, saving for, and acquiring something “just right.” You may find anticipating something is more pleasurable than having it.

Work: Strive to incorporate special touches and little extras in your products and services today. These may require more time or resources to complete, but the results will be well worth the investment. Don’t be satisfied with anything less than the very best product possible.

Relationships: Over time, passion may give way to comfort; both of these incarnations of love have their benefits. A luxury shared with others becomes even more luxurious. Don’t over-think sex and relationships. Instead, set reasonable limits and embrace what your body yearns for.

Spirituality: Cocoon yourself in spiritual protection. Say an extra prayer. Burn an expensive stick of incense and savor the sweet aroma. Light a scented candle. Enjoy a ritual dinner. Alternatively, heighten your appreciation for your blessings by engaging in a period of voluntary simplicity. What can you do without?

Fortune-Telling: This card represents a woman with an expansive, sensual nature, likely born between December 13th and 31st, who uses sensual appeal and the promise of reward to sway others to her point of view.


Element: Water

Planet: Earth

Fool's Journey: The main character must avoid being lulled into complacency by the temptations of “the good life.

Queen: Each Queen card is the emotional manifestation of the suit she rules.

Coins: One of the four suits of the tarot. Also sometimes called pentacles or diskc. Coins suggest health, wealth, practicality and physicality. Their domain extends beyond money and finance to all physical things, including the human body. Coins explore your attitude toward resources of all kinds: what you’ve been given, and what you do with it. In RWS-influenced decks, Coins are often called Pentacles. A pentacle’s design (with the upright star in the middle that represents the human body) reminds us that physical blessings, from possessions to our bodies, are to be used for higher purposes. In your own life, how often do you focus on 'the star in the coin'?

Luxurious Robes: Reflecting themes of luxury and sensuality, the Queen of Coins is frequently clothed in rich fabrics and loose, comfortable robes. She loves the pentacle in her hands: its texture, its temperature, its smoothness, its weight.

Adoration of the Coin: The RWS Page, Knight, and Queen of Pentacles seem to romanticize the giant coin in their hands, holding it like a beloved treasure. There's something a bit silly and superficial about this level of reverence for money. As the court cards progress you can see how once you’ve attained the object of your quest, caution is increasingly required to protect, maintain, and preserve what you’ve won.

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