Symbol: Coins

Ace of Pentacles

Health, wealth, practicality, receiving

2 of Pentacles

Evaluation, decision, budgeting, diagnosis

3 of Pentacles

Expression, production, work, contribution

4 of Pentacles

Protection, conservation, preservation, safety

5 of Pentacles

Poverty, destitution, need, crisis

6 of Pentacles

Charity, fairness, cooperation, sharing

7 of Pentacles

Assessment, evaluation, re-evaluation, reflection

8 of Pentacles

Effort, work diligence, skill

9 of Pentacles

Training, discipline, confidence, enough

10 of Pentacles

Wealth, abundance, acquisition, greed

Page of Pentacles

Practicality, prosperity, learning, growth, adolescence

Knight of Pentacles

Caution, focus, realism, invention

Queen of Pentacles

Luxury, comfort, resourcefulness, generosity, prosperity

King of Pentacles

Stability, dependability, confidence, intervention

The Magician

Capability, empowerment, activity