Symbol: Swords

The Magician

Capability, empowerment, activity


Balance, law, fairness, objectivity

Ace of Swords

Logic, objectivity, intellect, choice

2 of Swords

Denial, debate, impasse, truce

3 of Swords

Variance, difference, dissatisfaction, heartache, rejection

4 of Swords

Meditation, contemplation, perspective, mindset

5 of Swords

Selfishness, hostility, irrationality, self-preservation

6 of Swords

Adaptation, adjustments, science, travel

7 of Swords

Dishonesty, presumption, sneakiness, assumptions

8 of Swords

Restriction, limitation, confinement, helplessness

9 of Swords

Remorse, worry, distraught, conclusion

10 of Swords

Exhaustion, ruin, disaster, stamina, obsession

Page of Swords

Student, apprentice, scholarship, information

Knight of Swords

Bluntness, intelligence, incisiveness, investigation

Queen of Swords

Grace, skill, wit, charm, aptitude

King of Swords

Genius, expertise, decision, verdict

Knight of Wands

Boldness, bravado, passion, persuasion, advocacy